Five Scams To Watch Out For On Craigslist Austin

Craigslist Austin

Over the last couple of years, Craigslist has become the go-to place for many people as an excellent source for finding specialty goods and services that can’t be found on the open market. However, the platform isn’t perfect and comes with its own set of flaws. Craigslist Austin is just one of these sites that is riddled with scams and criminals waiting to latch on to their next prey. Many victims have lost hundreds and even thousands from scammers that are rampant on the site. If your intending to do some shopping on Craigslist Austin, here are five scams you should watch out for.

iPhone Scam on Craigslist Austin

Apple products are renowned to be expensive, especially if your buying something brand new. Many people opt to buy second hand iPhones from private users just to save a couple of bucks. However, several people have found out the hard way that buying an apple product online could cost you dearly. Most of the products are either stolen or illegally acquired, and by the time you realize it, you could already be in custody for theft.

Rental Scam

This has become quite an issue in Austin as rental scammers have been getting very bold in their approach. Many renters are often forced to look at other options in renting because living is not cheap in Austin, especially in the main city areas. Anytime you come across a property that’s renting for a lot less than what the professionals tell you, you should be alarmed right away. Many people are claiming to be renting properties that are not their own. It’s easy to collect money orders or set up meeting with people that are so desperate to find a cheaper rental property. Never pay up for anything that you just haven’t seen in person. Otherwise you could become the next victim.

PayPal Scam

Here’s another great resource that’s being used inappropriately and abused by Craigslist scammers. PayPal is a money exchange service that allows people to make financial transactions directly without the use of direct debit or credit card transactions. Many scammers in Austin are using PayPal to get people for their money. For this scam, scammers will target people who are unfamiliar with the PayPal process. If you are selling something, they will try to get you to sign up for PayPal, which sends emails to the subscriber after money has been wired to their account. PayPal scammers would somehow get you the wire transfer email but without the money that’s supposed to go with it.

Vehicle Sales Scam

Many people sell their cars to private entities with no problems. However, you have to be extra careful these days if you’re planning on buying or selling cars on Craigslist Austin. Scammers have figured out a way to easily launder money through unsuspecting Craigslist users. Some car buyers will look for cars to buy and overpay for the vehicle by a few hundred or thousands. This should alert you right away if you have someone wanting to pay a lot more for what you’re selling. When they ask you to refund the money that they’ve overpaid, then you’ll know that it’s actually a scam.

Counterfeit Money Scam

Scammers in Austin have taken scamming to the next level these days by actually counterfeiting money. These scammers are actually printing fake money on bond paper using regular laser printers in order to make money. What these scammers would do is buy small items using large fake bills such as $50 or $100. They would then get the change back in real bills and make money that way. Other counterfeiters would use the fake money to buy gift cards, while some have even been reported to use fake money to buy large ticket items. They would then return these large items for a full refund just days after, making a ton of money in the process.

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