Things You Should Avoid Buying On Craigslist Dallas

While second-hand products can be a great way to save money, shopping on Craigslist Dallas doesn’t come without its potential pitfalls. We’ve pulled together a list of items you should definitely avoid buying on Craigslist.

Skin Care On Craigslist Dallas

Craigslist Dallas

You may think that you found the best deal on that pricey, branded moisturizer that you’ve always wanted but think again. “From an unvetted source, you have no way of knowing if what you are buying is the actual product or if it is a duplicate made with different ingredients,” says Kourtney Bullard, a makeup artist based in Dallas-Fort Worth. “You also won’t be able to tell how old the product is. With skincare items especially, there are ingredients that can go bad quickly, including acids and SPF.”

Vintage China

Craigslist Dallas

Vintage China also known as transferware, hails from England and has a huge collector following. If you’ve ever scanned through the pages of home décor magazines, your likely to come across beautiful displays of the vintage china. Sellers on Craigslist know about the worth of these products and currently a large number of fake duplicates are in circulation. Buyers should be wary of these scams and should always verify the authenticity of the product.


Craigslist Dallas

You should also be very cautious when buying art online, especially if it is from Craigslist. If the seller is not an authority, they may be misinformed, unintentionally passing off a piece of art they believe to be authentic when, in fact, it isn’t. One example is of the antique and reproduced botanical prints. Original botanical prints will be date-stamped back to the 1800s, and the paper will have little spots, also called foxing, as further evidence of how old they are.

Silk Drapes

Craigslist Dallas

If you’re holding out for true silk drapes, don’t fall for ones listed at rock bottom prices on Craigslist. As with most things, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. There are a lot of fake silk materials out there, many of which look like the real thing. You want to know exactly what you’re buying.

Photography equipment

Craigslist Dallas

For photography hobbyists—new or experienced—buying used equipment on Craigslist can seem like a way to get an easy bargain. But, Jennifer Hagler, an Alabama-based lifestyle photographer, says it can be worth the extra money to buy from a reputable seller. “Most people don’t know how to properly store and use their equipment to prevent dust and scratches,” she says. “The equipment might have been dropped and may not be worth the asking price.” Hagler recommends searching for certified resellers on eBay or Amazon and asking for a seven-day trial period so you can ensure everything is working properly.

Bicycle Helmets

Craigslist Dallas

Never ever purchase a used helmet on Craigslist, no matter what the price. “You don’t know its back story,” says Trae Bodge, consumer advocate and smart shopping expert. “If the previous owner was in an accident while wearing it, the internal structure could be compromised.” In fact, that’s why as a general rule, you should never buy used safety equipment of any kind, including children’s car seats.


Craigslist Dallas

When it’s time to spring for a new mattress, skip Craigslist entirely. “This category is a hard no across the board!” says Bodge, “You don’t want to mess around with what could be lurking in a used mattress, from bed bugs to dust mites.” To find a mattress for less, take advantage of a holiday sale; Bodge says you’ll find the lowest advertised prices around Memorial Day.

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