Weird Things You Can Get For Free On Craigslist Houston

Craigslist Houston

One of the coolest parts about Craigslist houston is that you can actually buy stuff for free, provided you’re willing to show up and haul all the stuff away. From Used furniture to unwanted plants, you can find some of the weirdest and bizarre things absolutely free of cost on Craigslist Houston. The Texas metropolis is one of the biggest cities in the United States, both in population and in size. its suburbs take up a larger area than the entire state of New Jersey and are home to about 6 million people. Many of these people are desperately trying to give away their useless junk for free.

Craigslist Houston Findings

Craigslist Houston is full of items and ads to browse through. Some of these items are usually just cast off without any life in them, whereas other items, like scratched tables or unused furniture, represents a golden opportunity for eagle-eyed customers. There are plenty of sellers trying to give away weird junk that may be useful for the right person.

So, we scanned through the listings on Craigslist Houston to find some of the weirdest, most random stuff you can get your hands on. Here are nine of the strangest free items you can find on Craigslist Houston.


This may come as a surprise to many readers, but yes, you can actually take away a free Donkey from Craigslist. The donkey is being offered by a person southwest of Houston and according to the ad, they are “great for protecting livestock.” The ad also warns that the donkey isn’t tame, so be prepared to get kicked if you decide to pick it up.

A Room full of Honey

If your looking to get an entire roomful of honey, then all you have to do is to remove the bees that are infecting his bedroom.

I have room full of honey…Granted it is still in the comb and the bees are living in the walls of my master bedroom. BUT…. If you are a Beekeeper and want like 8 feet of honey comb come and get it!!!,” wrote the ad.


A person in Houston got stuck with their brother’s pet tarantula after he moved away. Anyone willing to take the spider in was most welcome to take it away for free.

Expired Baby Formula

Probably one of the worst things to pick up from this list would be a can of expired Baby formula. It may sound good for budget-conscious parents, but its definitely shouldn’t be fed to an infant.

Mobile Home

This free mobile home (currently sitting on a lot in Livingston, Texas), is a little worse for the wear, to say the least. You probably wouldn’t want to live in it, but if you’re willing to haul it away you might be able to sell it for scrap, the poster notes.

Strawberry Shortcake records

Children of the ‘80s may recognize the vintage Strawberry Shortcake records that a poster on Houston Craigslist is trying to give away. The same record is currently selling for $10 on eBay, so you might be able to make a small profit if you snatch up these two LPs.

Microfiche reader

In the pre-Google era, doing research often meant heading to the library and scrolling through pages of old newspapers and other documents on a microfiche machine. Digitization has made these devices largely obsolete, though people still use them to access records that aren’t available in other formats. Most people probably wouldn’t have much use for a free microfiche reader, but committed genealogists or amateur historians might want one for at-home use.

A bingo stamper

Most people would just toss something like this in the box for Goodwill or throw it in the trash, but perhaps this Houston resident wants to make sure their bingo stamper ends up in good hands? The stamper is “gently used” and would probably make your grandma smile if you gave it to her.

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