Craigslist Phoenix: Online Classifieds in Phoenix Arizona

Craigslist Phoenix

What is Craigslist Phoenix?

Craigslist Phoenix

Craigslist Phoenix is an online site where people who live in Phoenix or have an interest in Phoenix Arizona can post and browse free online classified ads. The website was added to the Craigslist community back in 2002 and the site has been up ever since, boasting 20 billion page views per month. The site is absolutely free to use and doesn’t even require visitors to sign up or register to view the ads.

What Can You Find?

You can find ads ranging from things for sale, garage sales, pets for adoption, apartments and rooms for rent, services, lost and found, job offers to personal ads and discussion forums. Basically, if you’re looking to find something or sell something, then this is the perfect place to visit.

Product/Service Guarantees

However, Buyers should be wary as the products and services being offered are not guaranteed, nor do the website staff have any personal knowledge of them. Additionally, while there have been relatively few crime reports associated with Craigslist Phoenix, visitors should exercise the same level of caution as they do when buying or selling on different sites. Especially when it comes to meeting or visiting strangers.

Scam Warnings

One major scam that is prevalent on Craigslist Phoenix is the false accreditation of security sites. The Better Business Bureau is a popular and safe security program which protects buyers from scams should they not receive the items which they paid for. The BBB has mentioned that they have no such program and scammers use this phony program to trap their victims. Buyers should double check ads that are accredited by any security program by visiting the BBB website directly.

What Do Users Say?

Many people use Craigslist Phoenix. Some have good experiences, others have had nightmares. Overall, the response from users is mixed but generally neutral.

Hi there I am a “Craigslister” and a happy one!! I highly recommend answering and posting ads on Craigslist A roommate here got several jobs via the Craigslist as well

– Dawby

Rented my apt from a Craigslisting, good – bought a printer that was a rip-off, bad.


Have sold numerous items for a fair price on Craigslist Phoenix. All the people I have dealt with have been very nice, sweet people! None of the horror stories you hear about!


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