Craigslist San Diego: Don’t Get Scammed By Comic-Con 2019

Craigslist San Diego

The San Diego Comic-Con is one the most popular in-demand pop culture conventions in the World, with tickets selling out each year in a matter of hours. With its immense popularity, however, there comes along scammers and con-artists ready to take advantage.

Scammers often take to third-party websites like Craigslist San Diego and eBay to find potential victims and comic-con fans eager to attend the convention. Craigslist San Diego This year the situation is no different and the Business Bureau has already warned ahead of the 2019 event.

The BBB has listed a few warnings that consumers should look out for when hunting for that difficult to find Comic-Con 2019 ticket.

Badges Can’t be changed

According to the BBB, Badges are registered to a specific name only. Comic-Con international does not allow third-party sites to change the information on these badges.

“One of the most pervasive scam BBB has found over the years is the reselling scam in which a scammer claims they bought a badge but can no longer attend the convention.” The BBB writes to Consumers in their warning.

In most cases, these badges were never actually purchased according to the agency.

There are no extra Tickets

If someone claims that they are selling an extra ticket, then consumers should stay clear as this is most likely a scam. Craigslist San Diego Comic-Con does not allow one person to buy more than one ticket, meaning extra tickets are illegal and illegitimate.

Badges are Non-Transferable

According to the BBB, even if you do purchase a legitimate badge from a re-seller, the badge will still be sold in violation of the Comic-Con policy. This policy does not allow the transfer of tickets from one person to another.

“If San Diego Comic-Con determines you have violated this policy, they have the right to cancel your ticket without a refund.” The BBB said.

Unfortunately, because of this policy, there is no legal way of obtaining a badge online to the sold-out Comic-Con of 2019.

Scams at the Convention

Even those consumers who are successful in landing a legitimate ticket to San Diego Comic-Con 2019 through official sites are still susceptible to scams at the convention itself.

Comics, movies, and sports souvenirs are estimated to be a billion-dollar industry annually but experts assume that as much as 10 percent of these products are forged or fake.

Almost two out of 200 vendors at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 were considered to be involved in fraudulent activity. Craigslist San Diego The FBI has already reported that more than half of all sports and celebrity signatures are forged and it’s hard to tell an authentic from a fake copy.

Conclusion Craigslist San Diego

Comic-Con International has already warned consumers not to sell their badge online if they can’t attend the event. This ensures that measures are in place to make It difficult for scalpers to purchase badges and sell them at extremely inflated rates.

If the sale price of an object is too good to be true, then it probably is. Experts say that you should research the average market value or price of the item ahead of the event. Craigslist San Diego Websites like eBay can be a good starting point for finding the perfect price range.

Even if Comic-Con badges are sold out, numerous off-site events packing just as much fun will be held around the San Diego Convention center and throughout the entire downtown area. For more information visit the Comic-Con International website.

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