From Sepet to Sembilu: 6 Malaysian motion pictures about love

Love is current in virtually all movies, be it as the principle plot or a subplot. Malaysian movies are not any completely different, with among the greatest romance-based motion pictures falling into both the tragedy class or a comedy.

Listed here are 5 of our favourites.

Hold Tuah (1956)

Revolves round famend Malay warrior, Hold Tuah, a loyal servant to the Sultan. Beneath the Sultan’s command, Hold Tuah courts Tun Teja that makes her break off her engagement to another person. In a heartbreaking scene, he reveals to her that she’s meant to marry the Sultan and never him.

Unhappily, his personal love story doesn’t finish nicely both. Melor, the lady he’s in love with, arrives on the palace as a handmaid, making her off limits to different males. Starring P. Ramlee, Saadiah and Zaiton.

Ali Setan (1985)

An entertaining flick directed by Jins Shamsudin, that centres on campus love. Naughty pupil Ali typically teases fellow pupil Asmidar, pulling all types of pranks on her and her buddies.

As destiny would have it, the teasing quickly turns into love. Starring Azmil Mustapha and Fauziah Ahmad Daud.

Sembilu (1994)

A love triangle involving two girls (Erra Fazira and Ziana Zain) and a rock star (Awie). There are lots of twists and turns, in addition to heartbreaks and unhealthy choices. Fortunately real love lastly prevails.

Puteri Gunung Ledang (2004)

Tells the forbidden love between Gusti Putri, a Javanese princess, and Malay warrior Hold Tuah. Forbidden as a result of the Sultan of Melaka is decided to marry her.

Sadly additionally for the ill-fated lovers, Hold Tuah’s sense of responsibility retains getting in the best way of a contented ending. Starring Tiara Jacquelina and M. Nasir.

Sepet (2005)

Two younger individuals from completely different worlds discover a frequent floor, their love for movies and books. Quickly after, Ah Loong (Ng Choo Seong) and Orked (Sharifah Amani) uncover additionally they like one another, regardless of their social and racial variations.

Though the couple don’t find yourself collectively on this movie, director Yasmin Ahmad hinted they’re a pair in her subsequent two movies (Gubra and Mukhsin). All is nice on the planet.

Ice Kacang Pet Love (2010)

Produced and directed by Ah Niu this film is usually recognised because the one which kick-started the revival of native Chinese language cinema.

Ah Niu himself performs a secondary schoolboy who’s secretly in love with a faculty mate, performed by Lee Sinje, whereas a forged comprising a who’s who of well-known Malaysian Chinese language artistes play the pair’s childhood buddies, as all of them undergo the trials, tribulations and naturally, the pet love that goes together with it.

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